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Hello, family! Welcome to our media company, Unspoken Art. We say it's a new company {and it is technically a new company}, but it's been informally in existence for years! My name is Shannon, and I've doing photography for years. I met this cute guy [Kyle] at college, who creates film & also photography. We dated for a few years, got married in 2018--all the while creating art together! Together we've shot weddings, studio portraits, lifestyle sessions, short films, etc. It's been a good time!

And now, everything fell into place at the right time. It's finally the right time to start a company together. We have a lovely 6-month-old boy named Aren {pronounced Are-in}; currently living near Albany, NY. Kyle works full-time at State University of New York Cobleskill, as their videographer & media specialist. I stay home with our booplet, when I'm not running around with a camera or editing in coffeeshops. [Aren's actually a great coffeeshop buddy!] Anyways, that's a tiny bit about us & our business! Welcome to the crew <3

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