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Who's a good dog?

The Experience

How it Works

How it Works

Step 01

Let's talk!

Whether you'd like to meet at Starbucks (we love Starbucks) or talk over the phone, we'd love to get to know you and what kind of art will look best in your home. From then on, the entire experience is tailored to your personality and expectations.

Step 02

Let's photograph!

Don't come to us. We'll come to you.

We love visiting people's homes to photograph them where they feel most comfortable, but we also enjoy visiting new locations, or hunkering down in an agility facility to take photos of everyone's dogs.

Step 03

Let's edit!

We retreat into our editing cave with coffee and TV shows, and turn your photos into something truly special. Ask us if you'd like to see some before/after shots to see what editing can do!

Step 04

Let's make some art!

Finally, we sit down with you and go through the best of your photos. We figure out what pictures you want and in what formats you want them. All that's left is to get them printed out and displayed on your  walls for everyone to see and say:

"Wow, that's a really nice photo. Where'd you get that done?"

And then you can say:

"Oh, these guys we found called Unspoken Art. They're really top notch."

"I'll have to check them out!"

"Please do. I may get a referral discount" (we'll talk).

"Cool - do you know their website?"

"For sure!" And then you can bring them right here, and they'll be so shocked to see a transcript of the conversation they just had.



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